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Jim is a specialist in the field of reliable and resilient human and organizational performance. His consulting experience includes work with the oil/gas, commercial airlines, power production, and hospitality industries. He has substantial experience working with the Department of Energy National Labs, helping to advance operations clarity and learning, recently assisting lab leadership at Los Alamos, Lawrence Berkeley, Sandia, Argonne, Lawrence Livermore, and Stanford. Jim brings proven methods to add organizational capacity for managing high-risk processes, addressing human and organizational fallibility with smarter operational systems design. His teams add a fresh perspective to research and operations, more effectively supporting frontline workers to enhance reliability and resilience in mission execution at all levels of the organization. 


Jim has decades of experience in leading research operations and support to this consulting practice, including energy/environment, national security, engineering, precision machining, ES&H, training, nuclear operations, and maintenance. Over the course of his career, he has worked with American Electric Power, American Airlines, Battelle, Bechtel, BWXT, ConocoPhillips, EG&G, La Quinta, Lockheed-Martin, and the operating contractors at the Savannah River Site, Hanford Site, and the now-defunct Rocky Flats site. Way back, he rode nuclear submarines as a part of the US Navy, working in operations, training, plant chemistry, and radiological controls.


Key skills include:

  • Operations management 

  • Research operations management

  • Work management

  • Safety management

  • Mentoring and coaching 

  • Human Performance Improvement

  • Principle-centered leadership

  • Assessment 

  • Field-based learning 

  • Training - full ADDIE 


Top notch, sustainable operations are enabled by organizational resilience (focusing on “What Must Go Right”).


By advancing from an operating approach that ‘avoids failure’ to one that ‘ensures success,’ your company can sustain operational excellence. To make this shift, you must focus on ‘What Must Go Right” and progress to measuring execution that goes as desired, rather than counting the absence of failures.

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