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Operational. Organizational. Performance. 

What Must Go Right


Introduce executive leadership to the method and business case for managing operations risk through focus on ‘what must go right.’


Mentoring and coaching key personnel on integration of Organizational Performance practices into company governance and operating policies/practices.


Assess the inculcation and efficacy of operations risk management approaches that ensure success.

Meet Jim Marinus

Avid outdoor enthusiast, dedicated to helping leaders regain agility and focus in their organizations, replacing bureaucracy with a Shared Mental Picture  of mission, method, and risk.


Mission success is dependent on a cohesive relationship between committed leaders, engaged employees, and enabling systems.

Reliable and resilient thinking fosters an integrated, shared work team understanding of the best methods to produce desired products of work. Each team member will have cognizance and accountability from their role-specific point of view. This creates a ‘Shared Mental Picture’ that is maintained through active learning and sharing.

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